Screw Pile & Pier Estimator


Our estimating tool has been designed to give you an indicative cost of screw piers using the following parameters:

  • Using our modular 85kN screw pier for typical residential house foundations.
  • Supply and Install in; Sydney Greater area (NSW) or between Gold Coast, Brisbane up to Noosa (QLD).
  • Estimate based on quantities for typical number of piers used for residential projects (QTY 40-120).

For an estimate outside of the above parameters or for a quote please contact our NSW or QLD office.
To assist you we have also provided a comparison estimate for bored concrete piers so you can see when savings kick in.

Next Steps

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1 I have a Geotech Report

If you already have a geotechnical report, site classification or lot classification and want to know whether screw piers are a good option for your site then upload your report below. Our team will respond as to whether screw piers/piles are a cost effective option for your project.


Are screw piers suitable?

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 15 MB.

    2 I have a Geotech Report & Structural Drawings

    If you’re about to make a decision regarding your slab/piers and would like to know how much screw piers/piles will cost for your project please complete the quote request form.

    What will screw piers cost?

    Arrange a screw pier quote

    3 I don’t have a Geotech Report

    I just need a Lot/Site Classification
    A Lot Classification is the most common geotechnical report requested for residential building sites. To find out the cost of a lot classification (Site, Soil & Wind) for your site please enter your postcode to see if your area is serviced and to purchase online.

    Not sure where to start and what type of geotechnical report you need for your site? The “Geotechnical Cost Guide” is handy resource explaining the main types of geotechnical reports used in residential construction.

    What does a Lot Classification Cost?

    Please enter a postcode to check if we service your area or determine price and lead-time.
    Currently NSW, ACT & QLD for online orders.
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